Doraemon is the main character of a series that tells about the adventures of a robot-cat from the future and his friends. In the series, problems and common situations in life are dealt with making use of the most magical and imaginative possible solutions.

This series includes a collection of short auto-conclusive stories where fantasy and fun stand out as its main features. Doraemon becomes the best friend of Nobita Nobi, a shy boy who lives in a Tokyo suburb. One day he receives the visit of a strange being who comes from the future.

His name is Doraemon and he has been sent by a descendant of Nobita himself. The reason is very simple: all of Nobita’s descendants live in poverty because of the mistakes he has made. With Doraemon’s help, they hope young Nobita will be able to fix all the disasters he caused.

Nowadays series is broadcasting in Boing, with great audiences everyday; and also in Spain's autonomic channels in its own language such as Canal Super3 (TV3 - Catalonia), Club Betizu (EITB - Basque Country), Club Xabarín (TVG2 - Galicia). It is also broadcasting in Portugal through PANDA channel.

Unisex: This license is popular among both boys and girls alike, 50% boys and 50% girls.
Main: Girls and boys aged 4 to 8 who share Doraemon’s humor and fun through magic, his magic pocket and all his inventions.
Secondary: Young men and women from the age of 20 and above, who see this license as a design icon.

Characters: Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Dorami, Suneo and Giant.


The brand has a large Licensing and Promotion program that covers all categories and products. Naturally, new products are under development. The Master Toy is Simba.

Marketing On/Offline:
The brand has an official web page aimed at the main target, with attractive contents: videos, fan-club, games, competitions, promotions…

Doraemon has Facebook, Twitter and YouTube official accounts and channels. Through them, followers and fans are informed of the latest news of the license, and there are also interaction activities with its secondary target: young people and parents.
Marketing Acts and Branding and Trade Events of the license in children’s areas, shopping malls, and hypermarkets.


Magic, Fun, Humor, Friendship and Comradeship.


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