Catalogue / DORAEMON




Country: JAPAN
Year: 1993-2012
Target: 4-8
Chapters: 1083
Duration: 30 min.

Doraemon is a weird blue gadget-cat from the future. He has the ability to talk and a magic pocket where he keeps many wonderful gadgets. He lives with his best friend, the human Nobita, and his mission is to make Nobita more responsible and studious. Despite being a cat he is afraid of mice because a patrol mouse in the future ate his ears. He was originally yellow but after this mishap with the mouse he cried so much that his tears washed out the dye and turned him blue. His favorite food is Dorayakis, special hamburguer-shaped sweet buns.

The base of the story is Sewashi, a relative of Nobitas’ from the future, sends Doraemon to the past in order to help him become a more responsible and a less lazy person. This way the descendants from the future will not be so mired in poverty. Thus Doraemon emerges from Nobita’s desk drawer to help save him from his unfortunate fate of poverty and failure.

From that moment Doraemon will use his futuristic gadgets, trying to fulfill his mission by living exciting and fun adventures with Nobita and his three friends: Shizuka, the secret love of Nobita and the little lady of the group; Suneo, the spoilt boy who has his parents wrapped around his little finger; and Giant, the big boy that always take advantage of the more cowardly ones.

All together they will live a different and passionate adventure in each episode. This series comprises a set of short auto conclusive stories where fantasy and fun highlight as key elements. This is a work of Fujiko F Fujio, the first printed manga was in 1969.



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